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Gum Grafting

It is not uncommon to find that your gum tissue is wearing away. This is otherwise known as gum recession. Simply put, gum grafting is the reversal of the effects of gum recession. Causes of gum recession include an orthodontic procedure in the past, having a thin gum tissue, and aggressive brushing. It usually occurs over a long time and one may not easily notice it.

Gum recession can affect your general health and the way you feel about yourself. Again, with gum recession, you are going to feel sensitivity especially when you are drinking or eating something. If you do not treat this condition, then you could end up with an unhealthy bone and tooth loss. In the worst case scenario, deterioration of the health of the gum may lead to cancer. People who smoke tobacco and people who drink alcohol are more vulnerable to gum cancer.

The field of dentistry has made advances in oral health and there are solutions to many problems that people face about their teeth. If you find yourself with this situation, then the most prudent thing is contact a dentist. Gum grafting is a dental procedure which is carried out by a periodontist. You should note, however, that you do not have to do gum grafting for treatment, you can also do it for cosmetics. Among other benefits, gum grafting will help you to look good when you smile. Authorities continue to encourage the population to go for check as many times as possible in order to correct anomalies before they get worse.

Gum grafting is not a procedure that will require you to take an off from work. The only exception that you will have in this is if your job requires you to do a lot of talking. In such a case, the best thing is to take a few days off and rest. However, even in the case there is some discomfort, it just takes a few days, and then goes away.

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About Us

The market is saturated with individuals and companies who offer the services of a periodontist. Choosing the right is not an easy task. We introduce to you, Kelowna Periodontist, which offers an outstanding dental service in Kelowna BC and its environs.

To start with, we offer a high quality service that is based on professionalism, accuracy, and precision. This is because our members of staff have received the relevant training in this field. It is common for our professionals to seek refresher courses in order to compare notes with the others in the industry. The most important thing is to offer you an excellent service.

Periodontist Kelowna has accumulated vast experience in this field, and therefore, they will be in a position to serve you in the best way possible. Should we find that gum grafting is not going to be consequential, we may recommend the use of dental implant or implants. In addition to that, we are able to provide dentures, whether complete or partial. It is also important that cases of tooth decay are identified early enough. Other services that we offer are surgery and surgical procedures, crowns, fillings, observation of the jaws, and bridges,

We have invested in the right resources and equipment in order to offer you highly professional services. We have also invested in cutting edge technology in order to offer you precision and high quality services. For example, we do check the roots of the teeth in order to ensure that we identify any problem early enough for the necessary intervention.

We offer a plethora of services that are related to dental healthcare. We are able to identify if your tooth is exposed, and we advise you on the best way forward. We can also do teeth extractions if need be. We have been at the forefront in treating cases of gingival which, if left unchecked, would lead to tooth loss.

Our Company

Our company offers dental services in a safe and pain-less way. When we prepare you for the gum graft or tissue graft, we are going to do sedation, and within a short time, you are going to have a successful procedure and gum therapy. It should be noted that some conditions such as sinus infection can be life threatening, and you need to inform us of such conditions and we shall assist you right away.

We offer high quality dental services at an affordable price. When you book an appointment with us, we are going to give you a rough estimate of what our services will cost you. We do not have hidden fees, and our quote is transparent.

We handle data and information related to the patient in a highly confidential way. However, we recommend that a patient should have a good support system for optimal recovery and long-term solutions.

We have the necessary licensing, certification, and insurance. We have been recognized ads a leading company in the field of dentistry. When you contact us, you are sure that you will get the best choice of the procedure to be carried out depending on your needs. Note that we do not make a decision for you, but rather, we make the decision with you.

Our interaction with clients has been optimal and consequential. Our clients have not hesitated to recommend us to their friends and relatives. Similarly, the clients have not hesitated to come back to us for other dental services that they do need.

We meet, and in deed exceed, your expectations. Our company is a client-centered company which believes in listing to the client and walking through the journey with the patient. Your comfort and health care are very important to us.

After treatment with us, we can offer follow-up. For example, we advise you on the best way of taking care of your gums so that you do not need another gum grafting.