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Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum Disease Treatment

The type of gum disease will depend on your overall oral health, your previous oral treatments, and the severity of the disease. If your gum disease is less extensive, a dentist may perform nonsurgical laser therapy to minimize bacterial growth. On the other hand, if you struggle with severe gum disease, considering oral surgery may be better to restore supportive tissues.

A Kelowna Periodontist will diagnose whether you have gum disease, like periodontitis, and determine how severe it is. In most cases, gum disease usually occurs with poor oral hygiene (bad breath) or using too many teeth whitening products.

How Kelowna Oral Surgeons Examines Gum Disease

If you notice bleeding or swollen gums, it is best to consult an oral surgeon Kelowna to examine whether you have periodontal. Our Kelowna periodontist will examine your oral and gum health through the following:

Reviewing Your Medical History

Reviewing your medical history is the first step to determining whether you have severe periodontal disease. This will help your general dentistry determine the possible contributing factor to your symptoms, including taking mouth-drying medicines or smoking.

Examining Of Your Mouth

Our Kelowna oral surgeon will also examine your mouth to find possible tartar or plaque buildup. Included in this mouth examination is checking for easy gum bleeding.

Understanding Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal disease usually results in gum line inflammation and infection of the bone that supports and surrounds the teeth. Some of the usual symptoms of periodontal disease during its early stage include swollen gum that may bleed at times.

On the other hand, severe gum disease usually results in bone loss, tooth weakening, and even falling out of teeth. This type of gum disease is typically notable in adults. Periodontal gum disease is one of the most severe threats to a person’s oral health.

Set Your Appointment With Us

You can book an oral examination appointment with us by visiting our official website. Our professional periodontists will assess your condition and use the proper treatment. If any symptoms persist, you should be able to connect with a professional who’s expert in the field. Preventing gum disease is always better than waiting for the condition to worsen and find a cure. With a professional to help you solve your gum issues, you’re allowing yourself to prevent and avoid related problems that may occur later on.

Here are some of the critical information you need to prepare before setting an appointment with us:

  • Symptoms you experience
  • Medical information and other important personal information that may help our periodontists determine the real cause of your gum disease
  • The medications you are taking or previously taken may include herbs, vitamins, and OTC medications.

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Measuring The Pocket Depth

Our dental hygienist is equipped with the necessary tools to determine your gum health. We use a thoroughly sanitized dental probe to define the space between your teeth and gums and do this several times in different areas of your mouth.

The pocket depth of a healthy mouth usually ranges from 1 millimeter to 3 millimeters. On the other hand, a patient with 4 millimeters or deeper pockets depth may be diagnosed with periodontitis. Such pocket depth may cause difficulty in deep cleaning the teeth well. But worry no more since our periodontists know how to clean your mouth thoroughly despite the pocket depth.

Taking Of Dental X-Rays

Our periodontists will also recommend having a dental X-ray, especially if you have deeper pocket depths. This determines which areas in your mouth are more susceptible to bone loss.

Our dental experts will also give you a periodontitis grade according to the severity of your gum disease. Moreover, we will also share the treatment complexity and the contributing factor you have leading to periodontitis.

What Surgical Treatments For Gum Disease Do We Offer?

Here at Kelowna, we offer different surgical and cosmetic dentistry treatments suitable for any case of gum disease. Some of them are the following:

Bone Surgery – If you are diagnosed with periodontitis, you are more likely to experience progressive or moderate bone loss, which may cause shallow craters. Our professionals perform bone surgery to smooth out shallow craters you have. This cosmetic surgery is designed to reshape the bone surrounding your tooth, thus reducing the crater’s depth. A bone surgery will also prevent the growth and buildup of plaque-causing bacteria.

Guided Tissue Regeneration – We perform this scaling surgery when the bone surrounding and supporting your teeth has been highly damage and causes pain. A guided tissue regeneration surgery stimulates the gum tissue and bone growth.

We usually do this with flap surgery, where we will insert a mesh-like fabric between the gum tissue and bone. Therefore, the gum tissue will grow according to where it should be. This gum disease treatment allows the connective gum tissue and bone to grow, giving you better oral health.

Soft Tissue Grafts – We perform these procedures in patients with gum recession. This periodontal therapy includes reinforcing thin gums, mostly taken from the mouth roof. The purpose of this periodontal surgery is to add and bridges tissue to the damaged site.

Bone Grafts – If your gum disease is so severe that it destroys the bone around your teeth crowns, our orthodontics professionals may recommend you go through bone grafts surgery. This treatment involves using donated bone, synthetic bone, or your bone fragments to restore your damaged bone.

The grafts are a framework for bone regrowth, designed to provide better teeth stability. We use tissue engineering, the latest dental technology promoting your mouth to generate new tissue and bone.

Pocket Reduction Surgery or Flap Surgery – This gum or jaw disease treatment involves tartar removal and lifting of gums to heal the gum problem. Our dental professionals do this in irregular sites of the damaged bone to target areas where bacteria can hide.

This surgery is designed to minimize the space between the tooth and gum. Therefore, it reduces the sites where disease-causing bacteria can grow. This also reduces the possible chance of developing severe oral problems related to periodontal disease.

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it is a good idea to go for a clean scale every six months to safeguard your teeth. When you clean your teeth it is also important to floss them as this removes any trapped particles that will decay if left there.

There was a time when most older people had false teeth, and they took them out at night and put them in a glass. That is a horrible thought to younger people and it doesn’t happen anymore because we all care for our teeth a lot better and the fluoride in most water supplies is protective to tooth enamel.

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